Kevin + Kelsey | December 2015

This session was a complete surprise for the bride and myself! That day I got a suspicious text from Kevin seeing if I was available, but I was volunteering and he said he found someone else before I could timely respond. Soon after this occurred I got a phone call from a friend asking me if I knew what was going on. She shocked me with the news that Kelsey, one of my closest friends since freshman year of college, was getting proposed to! When I discovered the news I knew that I had to be there to take pictures. I rushed out of where I was volunteering and told them I'd be back later, I had a proposal to get to!

After racing back to my house, grabbing my camera, almost hitting my roommate with the door, and peeling out the driveway I arrived at the proposal location with plenty of time. After giving Kevin a piece of my mind for not giving me sooner notice I couldn't have been happier to be there to document their special event! When Kelsey walked up it was perfect. Kevin had their song playing and her favorite flowers in hand. It was a beautiful site to witness. After, we did a mini engagement session - they're just too cute!!

Kevin and Kelsey, I wish you two the best of luck with wedding planning and your future together. I hope that we will remain close as the years grow longer. I love you two so so much!


Dylan + Alexa | October 2015

This shoot with Dylan and Alexa was so much fun!! There was a point during the session we were hunting for the perfect leaf to take a ring picture. My assistant/boyfriend immediately ran off saying he knew of the perfect one! He came back huffing and puffing with a leaf and it couldn't have been more perfect. It also helped that Dylan and my boyfriend are good friends, so a lot of jokes were thrown back and forth making my job so easy when it came to smiles.

I wish you both the best of luck with wedding planning and your future together! I cannot wait to see where life takes you both. 


Audrey + Will | September 2015

Audrey and I have been planning for a few years to take pictures of her and her sweetheart, Will. The timing was finally right for the both of us so we booked a date! I have never had as much fun on a shoot as a I did with them! They made my job so effortless that day. I love every single one of these images, because you can really see the love they have for each other. 


Chris & Sami | June 2015

I am so grateful to have taken Chris & Sami's engagement pictures. We've had a shoot before and we had so much fun together - this time was no different! Despite only having about 15 minutes outside before a summer rainstorm started pouring on us we got some really nice pictures! We moved the shoot inside the Dickson bookstore and ended up taking some really cute pictures in there too.

I'm too excited for the both of you in seeing where your lives together will take you. I cannot wait to be apart of the wedding in June! I wish all the best to you two.



Jake & Rachel | January 2015

It blows me away that I'm already in the point of my life where my friends are getting engaged and married. It feels like yesterday Jake and I were sitting at our middle school lunch table gossiping about how weird the old Spanish teacher was - and for those of you who know who I'm talking about ... man was he a strange one, haha.

Putting aside the reality that our childhood is closing, I'm so happy Jake met Rachel on their Orchestra trip. Now they have each other to face life's new chapters. I could definitely tell through the freezing wind and rain how much they love each other.

Jake and Rachel, I wish you both the warmest blessings and a wonderful wedding. It was a pleasure to shoot your Engagement pictures.