Mikaela Rhodes | April 2016

If you know anything about Mikaela, she puts 200% into everything she does - so thankfully we found time to take her graduation pictures outside of all her classwork and activities she participated in during the school year! Her session was a breeze though! Not only is she a gorgeous woman, but I've known this girl since 5th grade, so we easily connected on our shoot...let's just say me being stupid was an easy laugh.

But it's so hard to believe we've known each other for 10 years now...from our 5th grade battery science project, to both joining band, then being college freshman roomies, to becoming lifelong sisters of Tau Beta Sigma...we've been through so much together - it's crazy!!! I'm so proud of everything you've accomplished over these 10 years and I'm super excited to see what awesome adventures you will go on with your degree! We definitely need to go on Starbucks dates every time you come back into town. (: